JerryPop isn’t your traditional cooking channel on YouTube. The reason why the channel is able to rack in over half a million views on every video is because it’s taking a unique approach to the standard miniature cooking videos.

What is so unique about JerryPop? There are many other miniature cooking channels out there. Well, Jerrypop has been able to mix two unique, niche video genres, miniature cooking and ASMR. The result is a super-niche channel that gets many views, comments, and subscriptions per video released.

Many channels looking to stand out on YouTube can learn a thing or two from JerryPop. In this article, we will take a look at JerryPop, look at why this super niche channel is as popular as it is, and what you can learn from this channel to apply to yours.

What makes JerryPop unlike any other miniature cooking channel?

JerryPop is a channel that features miniature cooking accompanied by ASMR. Both ASMR and miniature cooking are popular niches on YouTube. Recently, they’ve been populated with many new channels and have become harder to compete in. This hasn’t hurt JerryPop however. JerryPop has been able to combine these two niches into a super-niche channel that’s so unique, its competition is nil to none.

It’s true that JerryPop isn’t the only channel blending miniature cooking and ASMR together. Most of the miniature cooking channels incorporate elements of ASMR. Still, JerryPop differs because it takes a new approach in incorporating the two niches together. While practically all miniature cooking, ASMR videos are focused on using real ingredients and using real cooking utensils, JerryPop takes a more fun approach. Every single dish and item made on JerryPop comes from a package or box. These powder packages create dishes and food that look like candy versions of things like hamburgers. Everything, including the patty, buns, cheese and pickles, were made from water and powder. It makes the channel less about accuracy of the dish and more of the process of making cartoon versions of the dishes. Ultimately, the channel is able to incorporate both auditory and visual ASMR. The act of making these bright, playful dishes is stimulating to the viewer’s eyes.

JerryPop videos are fun to watch

Unlike many other cooking channels, JerryPop isn’t trying to make gourmet miniature food. It’s less about making the food look as real as possible as it’s more about the process of making the food. A majority of the food made on JerryPop comes from powdered packets. The powder is usually mixed with water which turns into a gelatin that can be then modeled. The channel focuses less on the actual taste of the food and more on the intriguing process to make these miniature meals.

The channel is also full of brightly colored packages and foods. Bright colors often give off positive feelings to the viewer. Watching the videos are always pleasant because the main focus is always set on the main subjects of the video: the food, tools, and hands. The channel’s subtly lit background allows the viewers to relax and focus on the task at hand. Additionally, the only sounds you hear during the video are the sounds of the process of making the food. There is no talking, music, or sound effects. The videos are allowing the viewer to relax and enjoy the process.

Short and sweet

It’s also worth noting that JerryPop’s videos are notably shorter than most miniature cooking videos. JerryPop videos average around anywhere between 1 minute up to 6 minutes. The videos fly by and make the viewer want to know more of what is being created. The time of the video fits the content being made. Since the cooking process is mainly pouring, mixing, and shaping, the channel doesn’t try to artificially elongate the time. The video is true to the process and is clean and easy to watch because of that.

Learning from JerryPop’s success

So, what can we all learn from JerryPop? It’s a channel that’s been able to carve its place into a super-niche genre on YouTube. While it’s not the only channel doing this kind of content, it’s still one of the most successful because its content is fun to watch and consistent. In terms of lessons of what we can learn from JerryPop, it’s possible to still achieve high levels of success on YouTube in a super-niche. In fact, since there wouldn’t be many channels doing it, your channel could benefit from trying to mix popular niches into something completely new. While other channels may be doing similar things to your channel, you can always find a way to put your own spin on it. It can be something as simple as the kind of food you make if you’re a cooking channel. Or, it could be the overall tone you want your channel to convey to the viewer. You can take something popular and make it your own. You just have to try things out and have fun doing it.