YouTube has taken action against Gan Jing World, a Chinese website. YouTube has sent a cease-and-desist notice to this website for allegedly breaking its Terms of Service (TOS).

The rise of Chinese video platforms

China frequently has its own copies of internationally popular websites. For example, TaoBao is China’s eBay, Douyin is similar to TikTok and BiliBili is similar to YouTube.

Another platform that falls under the “copy website” umbrella is Gan Jing World, which emphasizes non-addictive algorithms and offers “wholesome content for all.”

YouTube’s warning

According to 404Media’s report, YouTube allegedly sent Gan Jing World a cease-and-desist letter because of alleged violations of the platform’s terms of service. Jack Malon, a representative for YouTube, verified this action and emphasized Gan Jing World’s purported violation of conditions concerning unapproved access, reproduction and distribution of content.

YouTuber Linus Boman informed 404Media in February 2024 that Gan Jing World were hosting duplicate channels of well-known YouTubers, such as tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee, and well-known publications, like The New York Times and The Verge. Despite the removal of some channels, well-known companies like Prime Video are still present on Gan Jing World, albeit under false pretenses.

The nature of Gan Jing World

The interface of Gan Jing World is quite similar to YouTube’s, including features like uploading videos and creating channels. However, it effectively creates a duplicate of YouTube by copying videos without authorization. It’s possibility that this scheme could hurt YouTube creators who depend on advertising money for their work.

Connections to Falun Gong Movement

Gan Jing World’s affiliation with the Chinese government-banned Falun Gong spiritual movement has also drawn criticism. It presents YouTube videos as original content by reskining and embedding them without permission. On its website, Gan Jing World also offers books about Falun Gong, merchandise and premium subscriptions.

We will keep you up-to-date on the case as the story develops