Twitch is once again modifying its policies over sexual content. This time, livestreams that focus on certain body parts for extended periods of time will not be permitted, starting on Friday.

Specific restrictions and reasoning

Livestreams that display covered private body parts, such as the crotch, breasts or buttocks, will no longer be permitted. Twitch clarified these restrictions in an update to its community guidelines.

Twitch aims to establish a friendly community for all users. According to a spokesman, the company constantly assesses its policies to ensure they are applicable and understandable in light of how online behavior changes over time.

Twitch once permitted some forms of nudity, but this caused misunderstanding and criticism. Concerns about the ability to discriminate between genuine photos and works of art led to the company’s having to reconsider its decision to allow artistic nudity.

Challenges and workarounds

Twitch updated its regulations after some streamers found ways to portray nudity in violation of the rules. The platform has now made it clearer what constitutes acceptable cleavage and banned streams from encouraging nudity.

Since its launch, Twitch has experienced substantial growth and has drawn a wide range of content creators, not only gamers. Nonetheless, discussions concerning gender dynamics and sexualization have been sparked by specific niches, such as ASMR and hot tub streaming.

A recent trend wherein creators displayed games on intimate body parts led to the restriction on using those areas as green screens. Twitch strives to keep community norms and innovation under check.

Since creators frequently figure out how to get around the new rules, some users doubt their efficacy. Nonetheless, Twitch still seems dedicated to keeping an eye on and responding to changing platform trends.