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How do you create your YouTube videos? There are many ways to bring your story to life, and how you choose to bring it together will affect how much content you can make. Do you want to create the best and reach the biggest audience? Using a video switcher will save time, empowering you to create more and improve the look of your videos.

Consider producing your video live. Even if you’re not livestreaming, you can still do something called “live to tape.” The basic idea is that you produce your video as if you’re live streaming, but you’re actually just recording the feed. The benefit is by the time you’re done talking to the camera, your edit could be done. When using a switcher, you edit your video in real time, shortening the production process and opening you up to create more often. The more content you post on your channel, the more viewer engagement you’ll get, leading to subscriber growth.

Live streaming is in higher demand than ever. Although YouTube has offered the ability to stream live for a while now, it’s Twitch and Facebook that have taken live streaming to the masses. Imagine reaching your audience in real time, through their social media of choice, engaging in real time with your subscribers and followers and connecting with them to create super fans.

This is all possible using a video switcher like the Datavideo SE-650. It’s a four-input HD video switcher with built-in audio mixer. It gives you two HDMI inputs and two SDI inputs. No matter what camera you have — from low to high end — it will be able to connect with the SE-650.

The first few steps are just plugging things in. Start with connecting the camera, then your mic and lastly connect the output of the SE-650 to your computer or an encoder like the Datavideo NVS-30. Once you’re all wired up, you can switch between video input sources, mix your audio sources and either capture the master output for later presentation or stream to YouTube and Facebook. If you don’t need SDI inputs, which many YouTube creators don’t, Datavideo offers the SE-500HD — a similar video switcher to the SE-650, but with four HDMI inputs and you get to save $100.

There are loads of benefits to using a video switcher. When you hook up multiple cameras, it opens up the ability to shoot from multiple angles and different focal lengths simultaneously. This works great for instructional videos like cooking shows, product tutorials or even a talk show. Imagine shooting a video with a shot from the left, right and center simultaneously. Then add in a close up for demonstration and you have a full coverage for your next produced show. An expanded number of angles and perspectives is nice, but add in the ability to edit live, add graphics live, and stream through a switcher and you won’t need to spend any time editing. If you don’t want to stream live, you can always record your live edit to post to your channel later. Datavideo’s HDR-1 MP4 recorder is the best solution for recording your live edit videos.

The live format frees up time to consider, plan and execute better content. Better content served more often will create more success for your YouTube channel overall. With the equipment you already have along side the Datavideo SE-650, you’ll create better, more professional content in less time. The SE-650 retails for $1,199. To learn more about how you can expand YouTube channel, check out the SE-650’s full list of specs and features.

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