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We sat down with veteran filmmaker Drew Hall from CrftSho to talk about his experience with the Panasonic Lumix GH5 and how the newest firmware has enabled him to produce the best images in his 20+ year career. “We came out ahead,” says Drew, “shooting hands-down the prettiest images we’ve ever professionally shot.”

Drew’s first experience with a GH5 came from a necessity: “We had a friend that picked [a GH5] up and we were on our way to Florida for a job… I’m a RED owner, I own an EPIC and two SCARLETS … we didn’t want to take two camera bodies … ’cause the client wasn’t really paying for them … So we took [the GH5] along.” He continues “We were shooting lifestyle video, you know, pretty people doing pretty things … When we took the day’s footage back to look at it, [the GH5] incredibly matched up to the RED.” He sums it up saying, “it’s not just that it’s a camera, it’s technology enabled storytelling.”

Drew was lucky enough to shoot with newest GH5 firmware, testing out the new 6K anamorphic capabilities. When talking about his results, he says, “What we’ve been able to pull off, thus far, are truly cinematic images.” He adds, “Being able to desqueeze in camera is extremely helpful … We pulled the entire feature off the desqueeze function. That’s why I can attest to how well it works.” Continuing on the new firmware, he says “It has guidelines, so if you want to shoot in anamorphic for 16:9, you can get the anamorphic look in 16:9.”

Another new function added with the firmware is the ability to record internally hybrid Log-Gamma. “HLG is phenomenal,” Drew raves, “The image on the output we found has been outstanding. We’ve been able to recover cloud and shadow data. The detail that we’re getting from the HLG images is hands-down a filmmaker’s dream.”

Drew sums up his experience with the GH5 and the new firmware: “We just took an MSRP 2,000 dollar camera with a cinema lens and shot with it along side our RED, and our client couldn’t tell the difference. They had no idea what was RED and what was GH5 footage. All they cared about is the detail of the shot, and that’s what it’s really all about.” It would be an understatement to say Drew liked the camera. Speaking on his overall usage of the GH5, he says, “We put it through the paces of a feature film. I did not hold back. I did not baby it. And the camera performed flawlessly.”

When asked if Drew has any tips for filmmakers and YouTubers alike, he says “The things I see a lot of complaints about are noise and not getting enough light. Then figure out how to get more light, or shift your story or approach it differently. Force yourself to grow, push yourself. We pushed ourselves with [the GH5] and came out ahead. So in turn, if we can do that, and have 20 years in the game — no matter if you’re a seasoned shooter or a new shooter, push yourself because the [GH5] will keep up with you. You just have to be willing to put in the time, effort and energy. I assure you will get something you are proud of. [The GH5] is hands down my favorite tool of 2017.”

If you’d like to get your hands on the newly released GH5 firmware, it will be available to the public by mid-September. To learn more details about the GH5, visit the Panasonic Lumix website,then check out Drew’s video test footage.

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