CodeMiko is a virtual YouTuber originally created by Youna Kang, known as The Technician, using the computer program Unreal Engine. CodeMiko became a popular VTuber because of her hyper-realistic models and interactivity during streams. Currently, a team of developers is handling the project, and they got their hands on Unreal Engine 5. As a result, The Technician created a new VTuber model of Miko and used it to stream a few IRL streams in the engine.

CodeMiko’s IRL Unreal Engine 5 debut

CodeMiko unveiled the VTuber model in two recent streams. In the streams, the VTuber is seen doing an IRL stream, vlogger-style, in a jungle. The streams showcased the current potential real-time motion capture technology has to offer VTuber livestreams. Just take a look for yourself in these short clips uploaded to Twitter.

The future of stream using VTubers

Using online personas as a substitute for appearing on streams and YouTube videos is not a foreign concept anymore. Content creators have developed virtual models of themselves to appear in their videos; the Dutch gamer and YouTuber Jordi Van Den Bussche, for instance, recently revealed his own VTuber model.

While the concept of VTubers can be traced back to Japan, VTubers have come a long way by expanding to a global audience. Online avatars have been used to collaborate with brands just like regular influencers. And now, with the advancement of technology, VTubers like CodeMiko are changing the game for VTuber content.

We’re excited to see where CodeMiko and other VTubers take the VTubing space.