Viral Nation, a big company in tech and marketing, just launched a new department called Viral Nation Ventures to help content creators grow their brands and break into the consumer market.

New and exciting partnerships

The Ventures team will be working with three other creators, including TheBlondeBrewer, The Salad Lab and Yuri Lambasella.

Each partnership will work on different products. TheBlondeBrewer will be working with the new division to release a brand called Blonde Brew(er) Coffee Co. to design and source their products. 

Darlene Schrijver will use the help of Ventures to promote her salad bowl business, The Salad Lab, and meet consumer demand. Yuri Lambasella plans to launch a new athleisure line called MYEAAHH, which will be sourced and designed by Ventures.

Personalized collaboration

Viral Nation Ventures is a big step for creators. This new division will position the company as an end-to-end service, helping creators connect with their audience more through products that reflect their brand. Creators can actively participate in each stage of product development, from planning to launch.

“Jaron and I are beyond excited to launch Blonde Brewer Coffee with Viral Nation Ventures,” said Maggie Clayton from TheBlondeBrewer. 

“Viral Nation’s collaborative approach to building this new venture has allowed us to be deeply involved at every step; from hilarious, on-brand his-and-hers brew bag names to selecting a unique flavor profile, our products are highly customized and close to our hearts,” she added.

Getting ready for the future

Viral Nation Ventures is also looking at what’s coming in the future. They want to be part of the growing e-commerce market, which is expected to constantly increase from 2023 to 2028 and is projected to reach 1.5 trillion US dollars. They have already increased their talent roster by signing other creators such as The McCartys, Cale Brown and Brooke Ashley Hall.

Featured image courtesy: Viral Nation