The popular VTuber Ironmouse just made a surprising partnership with the gaming giant Razer, marking a historic moment for the VTubing industry. She will be among the first VTubers to collaborate with a major gaming company outside of Japan thanks to this collaboration.

Ironmouse is a fan of Razer products

Ironmouse expressed her happiness about the partnership while outlining how Razer contacted her about this special offer.

“Well, I was approached by Razer. It was just an exchange back and forth between me and my team and Razer,” Ironmouse said. “I really think that it was pretty much a really good fit for me because I’ve been obsessed with Razer products for quite some time,” she added.

Ironmouse shared how she’s been using Razer products in her streaming setup, revealing her favorite Razer product, the Razer Naga mouse.

A fresh look with a touch of Razer

To further commemorate the collaboration, Ironmouse also collaborated with her talented team to create her character with a new appearance, incorporating Razer Quartz’s distinctive colors while maintaining the vivid purple and pink tones she is known for.

A new technology in the VTubing industry

One thing to note with her new look is the inclusion of a Razer headset, which was quite visible during her livestreams. People have wondered if it was just on her digital appearance, but Ironmouse confirmed it isn’t an overlay. “It’s an actual item. It’s an actual item that will go on top of my model. Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s crazy. It’s crazy how technologies come this far.” She shared how she can position the headset in different ways.

Ironmouse’s collaboration with Razer opens doors for other VTubers and partnerships, highlighting the evolving industry of brand partnerships and digital content creation.