Tomorrow, VidSummit is going to gather creators for its 10th annual conference. However, instead of holding the conference in Los Angeles, it’s going to Dallas.

What is VidSummit?

VidSummit was founded in 2014 by Derral Eves. It’s a conference that aims to bring together content creators, marketers, editors and other professionals to talk about content creation. 

According to VidSummit, “Because VidSummit is not a fan event, invited speakers share their strategies and best practices with attendees who are fellow content creators or businesses. They open up about how they grow their audiences, build brands, and make money from their content.”

Who’s going?

This year, as the creator space is expanding, VidSummit is accommodating more attendees. In the past, the conference has accommodated up to 1,500 attendees, but the venue in Irving Dallas can hold double that number.

Some of the speakers for this year’s event include MrBeast, Hunter TV, Michelle Khare and Zach King. Some of the topics they are going to cover are improving viewer retention, transitioning from content creation to entrepreneurship, getting success in short-form content and editing techniques, to name a few. The ticket to the event costs $995, and those who can’t attend can access the recorded footage for $199. 

Building networks and strategies

As the creator economy grows, conferences like VidSummit help creators build their networks and improve their strategies. As the content creation space is constantly evolving, it’s important to stay up to date with techniques and trends to thrive in the industry. And what better way to do that than to listen to different creators and industry professionals talk about their expertises? 

VidSummit is happening from October 3 to 5, 2023 at the Irving Convention Center. Go to VidSummit site to learn more.