Last June, Twitch updated its TOS and banned multi-streaming to other platforms without written permission. Twitch previously limited simultaneous streaming to mobile apps like TikTok and Instagram. However, Twitch announced at TwitchCon in Las Vegas that it’s letting creators multi-stream simultaneously to other platforms other than mobile apps — but under a few conditions. 

Twitch new guidelines on multi-streaming

“We believe in giving you the freedom to simultaneously stream on other services, but we also want to ensure that the Twitch user experience is not compromised,” Twitch now says in its Simulcasting Guidlines.

This is great news for all streamers on Twitch (aside from the ones in exclusive contracts), as Twitch has be quite strict on multi-casting to other platforms. However, streamers aren’t completely off the hook. According to Twitch, the quality of the simulcast should be “no less than the experience on other platforms or services” like chats. According to Twitch, shrinking the size of the video quality on Twitch is a degraded experience for the users, so doing so is not adhering to the company’s guidelines.

Additionally, creators can’t provide links to their communities that would lead to them leaving Twitch. So, for example, you’re not allowed to link to your YouTube stream. However, you’re still allowed to include third-party links in your About section. 

Lastly, creators can’t use third-party services that combine their activities on platforms where they simulcast, such as merging chats. They can still use tools for personal use; this guideline “applies to content presented to viewers either on or off Twitch.”

Also, moving forward, creators don’t have to label their streams as simulcast. Twitch team will add the feature sometime in the future where creators can designate the broadcast as a simulcast in Stream Manager.

CEO Dan Clancy is leading the way forward for Twitch

Despite the many missteps Twitch has taken, it appears that the platform and its new CEO Dan Clancy is trying to regain the trust of its community. Streamers have long criticized Twitch for its strict policies on streaming to other platforms, so this is a great win for streamers.