As most video-sharing platforms have been diving head TikTok has been dabbling in long-form content recently

TikTok is currently testing a 15-minute video upload limit. Users in the app can upload videos as long as 10 minutes, but TikTok is increasing that limit to 15 minutes in select regions and select users.

TikTok dives futher into long-form video

Social media consultant Matt Navarra first posted this update with an attached screenshot of a message from TikTok that reads, “Upload videos up to 15 minutes long. Make sure your app is up to date.” Users can do so both on the app and desktop. 

The first upload limit on the platform was only fifteen seconds, which was increased to sixty seconds. The platform later expanded it to three minutes, then later changed it to ten minutes in 2020. Although the 10-minute option is not available when you open your TikTok camera and directly film there, users can still upload videos this long. With this time limit increased to fifteen minutes, creators can now upload longer videos of tutorials, sketches, vlogs, and many more.

Short-form, long-form or both?

However, it’s worth noting that TikTok is popular for catering to short-form content, which other apps have tried to emulate. Reels and Shorts were launched to be competitors of TikTok. It will be interesting to see how TikTok will strive in its goal to cater to more long-form content with its video limit expansion. Despite being known as the leading short-form platform, the platofmr is pushing for longer videos for longer watch time, which means more potential for ad revenue. TikTok hasn’t announced if it’s introducing the change to all users. So we’ll have to wait and see if the platform will roll this out to all creators (if any depending on how the tests go).