Byron Bernstein, better known as Reckful on Twitch, was found dead on Thursday at the age of 31. Reportedly, the Twitch streamer committed suicide.

Byron Bernstein was a very popular Twitch streamer. In total, the streamer had a following of about 936,000 followers. He was known as one of the best World of Warcraft players in the world. He was such a prominent figure in the community that after his death was reported, that Thursday evening fans held virtual memorials inside multiple servers in the game. The memorial was held inside a virtual cathedral in the game to pay tribute to Bernstein.

Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein made a huge impact on many people’s lives

The shock of Bernstein’s death has left many of his fans and those in the WoW community mourning his loss. Many fans said that he has had a huge, positive impact on their lives.

‘Bryon had a brilliant mind, I loved watching streams where he would do chance/odd calculations and show his work,’ one players said. ‘It was so interesting and fun.’

Byron Bernstein had a huge impact on the esports community as well. He previously ranked number one among World of Warcraft players for six consecutive years. Also, he won numerous gaming tournaments. One of those tournaments includes the Major League Gaming’s World of Warcraft tournament in 2010.

Later in his career, he shifted his focus away from competing competitively to developing his own games. He created the game ‘Everland’ back in 2010. He hoped the game would help people ‘find friendship and a sense of community.’

A sad farewell

Byron Bernstein suffered from depression, and sadly his death is the result of him taking his own life. It is clear that he had a huge impact on many people’s lives and his death is an immense loss for the world. His legacy as one of the best WoW players and positive influence in the streaming and gaming world will live on.

Image courtesy: Byron Bernstein/Instagram