Recently, Shane Dawson faces huge controversy that could be potentially career-ending. YouTube has confirmed to Tubefilter it suspended monetization on all three of Shane Dawson’s channels.

According to YouTube, it rarely takes this course of action against a creator. However, in this case, the controversy surrounding Dawson is bad enough to negatively impact its collective community of creators, viewers, and advertisers. That was the deciding factor for YouTube to demonetize Shane Dawson’s channels.

Which of Shane Dawson channels have been demonetized?

The three channels that have been demonetized are the main channel, Shane, as well as Shane Dawson TV and Shane Glossin’. The Shane channel has 22.5 million subscribers with over 35 million monthly views. For the two others, they have 8.4 million subscribers and 3.7 million subscribers respectively. So, across all his channels Dawson has over 34.6 million subscribers.

This isn’t the first time YouTube has taken this course of action against a creator

YouTube has demonetized creators in the past for behavior that could have negatively impacted the platform’s community. For instance, Logan Paul was demonetized after his suicide forest incident. Additionally, YouTube temporarily demonetized JayStation. The host of the channel faked his girlfriend’s death to bring subscribers to both their channels. He was also arrested on charges of assault and assault with a weapon.

It is very rare for YouTube to take away monetization from a creator as big as Dawson. There is always a chance that YouTube will return Shane Dawson’s monetization privileges. So, we just have to wait and see where the controversy leads.