Twitch is testing a new ad format that involves automatic mid-roll ads during live streams. However, streamers and their communities are objecting to the format.

Currently, Twitch uses two ad formats, which are pre-rolls and stream ads that are manually placed by creators. Twitch is looking to add in automated mid-roll ads that will play during streams. Streamers will not be able to manually adjust when the ads will play. Twitch has started testing the new ad format on a small percentage of Twitch viewers.

“Like pre-rolls, these are ads triggered by Twitch, not by the creator. Unlike a pre-roll, these ads will never play before a stream starts,” Twitch said in its help page post.

Creators will still be paid for automated mid-roll ads

Twitch streamers will still be paid for every ad that runs during their stream. It’s just like pre-rolls and ad breaks. Also, Twitch says that the automated mid-rolls won’t run for viewers if they’ve recently experienced a manually-inserted ad break. That will prevent viewers from having to view too many ads in a short period of time. Twitch also said that the ads will not be played for subscribers and Turbo users.

The community is objecting to the new format

Many creators and their communities are speaking out against the new automated mid-roll ad format. Since the ads will be placed automatically, without the creators being able to manually adjust their placement, the ads will eventually interrupt a critical moment during streams. Viewers could miss intense gaming moments or hilarious situations.

“If you want to incentivize streamers to run ads, the worst way to do it is punishing their viewers by forcing ads during potentially awesome live moments on the stream,” Asmongold tweeted.

Twitch says that the stream does continue playing in the top right corner through a picture-in-picture while the ad runs. However, the stream video is minimized and it is muted as the ad plays.

Image courtesy: Twitch