There’s been a lot of talk about where Ninja would end up after his stay on Mixer didn’t work out. Since Mixer shut down, many hoped for Ninja to make his return to Twitch. It’s now official that he is coming home to Twitch.

It’s been a little over a year since Tyler “Ninja” Blevins left Twitch for an exclusive deal with Mixer. However, the platform shut down at the end of June this year. Luckily for Ninja, he left Mixer in very good shape. He left with the full amount of his seven-figure contract paid and he had multiple streaming platforms he could decide to stream on. For a while, many thought that Ninja might move to YouTube after he began to stream on the platform. However, he was streaming purely by choice and not with any exclusive deal with YouTube. Now, we know that he and Twitch have struck an exclusive, multiyear streaming deal.

This is a big deal

Ninja is one of the most recognizable figures not just on Twitch, but in streaming as a whole. He has crossed fully over into the monoculture mainstream with deals with Adidas. In partnership with Adidas, they created a shoe. Ninja also has his merch sold in stores like Walmart and has his own skin in Fortnite. For many, he is the face for live streaming today.

Without a doubt, Ninja will top the Twitch charts again. He is one of the former faces of Twitch, so it’s clearly important for Twitch to snatch him up. However, it seems that this time Ninja has more of a say this time around. He’s already started streaming this week, so you can catch him on Twitch when he goes live.

Image courtesy: Ninja / Twitch