Last June, Twitch updated its policy on multicasting. The initial update states that streamers are no longer allowed to multistream to multiple platforms without written permission from Twitch. This was received poorly, especially since streamers simulcast to get discovered on other platforms. Now, it seems that Twitch is making an exception to its stance.

Ninja gets permission from Twitch to multistream

One of the big names in the streaming industry, Ninja, called out Twitch for this policy. For context, Ninja is not exclusive to Twitch anymore, and, when it decided to no longer allow multistreaming, he mulled over leaving the platform due to his reliance on multistreaming. However, Ninja recently obtained written permission from Twitch to simulcast besides mobile apps Instagram and TikTok.

According to a report by Dot Esports, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy confirmed that Ninja is the first streamer to obtain permission. The streamer can now simulcast to any platform he wants. Clancy added in a broadcast, “We’re still working through the right way to handle in terms of permission to multistreaming.”

Reaction from the community

The streaming community on Twitch is not happy with this news. Many feel that the platform is being selective with their policy exceptions by only allowing a top streamer to multistream. Not allowing simulcast to other platforms limits streamers‘ opportunities to grow their livestreams, especially smaller creators. 

Despite introducing Discovery Feed, which aims to make more streamers discoverable, allowing streamers to multistream will benefit them more. This policy would further push streamers to look for a better platform that doesn’t only offer better revenue split but also steamer-friendly policies. 

Image of Ninja courtesy: Ryan Scott Hadji / Red Bull Content Pool