It’s been a while since Twitch opened its doors to TwitchCon. Though there were plans to hold two TwitchCon meets last year, the Covid-19 pandemic changed those plans. However, in a blog post, Twitch announced the dates for the next TwitchCon in-person meetups.

Twitch grew massively during the pandemic and many new creators rose to prominence during 2020, as well. Many of these creators haven’t been to a TwitchCon and so haven’t been able to meet their fans in person. However, these creators may have a chance to meet their communities next year, since Twitch is making a push to bring back in-person events.

When will the events happen?

According to Twitch’s blog, there will be two TwitchCon events next year. The first event will take place in Amsterdam sometime in July 2022, and the next event will take place in San Diego in October 2022. Twitch hasn’t announced the exact dates yet; we can expect that to be announced closer to the events.

However, all of these plans might change depending on how the pandemic unfolds. As cases due to the Delta variant rise in the US, the future remains uncertain. Twitch clarified that its plans are flexible and want to keep everyone’s safety its priority.

“We’ve continued to prioritize the safety and well-being of our community and staff, but believe us: we’re as eager as you to experience the magic of TwitchCon again,” Twitch wrote in its blog post.

How to keep up to date

Twitch will make more announcements about the events through the official TwitchCon Twitter account, and you can check that account for more information and news in the future. Expect to see more official dates and ticket prices being announced there.