TubeBuddy began testing a new service. It is for creators to have their channel reviewed by a YouTube-certified program. Creators receive concise data about their channel to maximize optimization. 

Testing with creators

TubeBuddy launched a Beta version of for creators. Users can visit the site to pay for a fully automated review of their YouTube channel. As TubeBuddy is the #1 extension for creators and is also YouTube certified, users can expect high accuracy with their review. 

The review

The review is organized into 6 categories. They include the Dashboard, Best Practice Audits, Channel Insights, Analytics, Competitor Analysis and Add-Ons.

The dashboard gives an overview and allows quick access to all parts of the review. The channel and video audit section scans your recent posts and playlists to ensure proper optimization. The Channel Insights section covers audience overlap, content strength, distribution and outliers and more.

Analytics gives creators data for various time periods of their channels, like the 30-Day or Lifetime overview. These reports also show your main traffic sources as well as your audience retention. Through the Competitors section, you get organized tables of other channels your viewers are watching. The tables include the views, subscribers and upload rate of your main competition. 

The review comes at a price but, gives information that is priceless for creators. It is well organized with the right balance of visual graphs, stats and rankings. If creators enjoy their experience with this tool, they can purchase more of its benefits. These benefits include receiving a manual review from a YouTube certified professional. The review also provides resources like how-to videos, YouTube creator playbook and the YouTube creator academy. 

The review looks like a replica of the YouTube studio. YouTube native creators will find this service easy to use and utilize as a tool. 

Image Courtesy: YouTube – TubeBuddy