Jessica Blevins is a Twitch streamer, who recently signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) for the entirety of her representation. 

Making a name for herself

Wife and manager of Twitch’s most popular streamer “Ninja” Jessica is an active streamer herself with a large following across Twitch, Twitter and Instagram. She has over a million followers on Instagram and over 100,000 on Twitch. Through the brand of “Ninja”, she has gained a spotlight of her own. She has worked with brands like Sour Patch, Trident and Crest

Jessica is also passionate about climate change and animal advocacy. She works with and supports 4ocean. A company that strives to remove a pound of waste from the ocean for every bracelet they sell. She explained to Forbes that she has reached out on Twitter to her fans to offer veterinarian knowledge for their animals. 

Being a manager

Jessica told Forbes what it’s like to be the manager for her husband. She described a normal day as waking up early before Tyler “Ninja” to take calls from potential opportunities, lawyers and publicists. Keeping Tyler on top of his streaming schedule is integral for their success. She says that while Tyler is streaming she does the same.

Blevins has learned much about being a manager and she is most proud of her ability to negotiate multimillion-dollar deals. She received her degree in communications and believes that is something she utilizes in her career. she talks with producers, tech companies musicians and etc. frequently in her line of work.  

Her message

Jessica Blevin has found her own voice as a female streamer along with her other interests on multiple platforms. Her Instagram gives Blevins a chance to show the “real her” and that she is “a small-town girl from Wisconsin” as she said to Forbes. Jessica is a beaming light that shows you the multidimensional person behind the “Ninja” brand. 

Jessica and Tyler have been together for years and have thrived as a couple in their industry. It will be exciting to see what is to come for the Blevins as it seems the opportunities are endless