In the midst of the worldwide frenzy over AI chatbots like Snapchat’s My AI, TikTok is now testing a new AI chatbot called Tako. According to TechCrunch, some of Tako’s functions will be answering users’ questions and giving video recommendations based on different niches. TikTok confirmed that the tests being done by an AI-enhanced solution firm,, are now live. 

Early stages of Tako development

Tiktok’s Tako’s test. Photo Credits: Watchful

In an example that TechCrunch provides, when a user is watching the coronation of King Charles, they might see Tako’s suggestion question on the bottom, saying, “What is the significance of King Charles III’s coronation?” 

They are currently in the early stages of experimenting with the chatbot on select Philippines users, hoping to “help with search and discovery on TikTok.” A TikTok spokesman told TechCrunch, “In select markets, we’re testing new ways to power search and discovery on TikTok, and we look forward to learning from our community as we continue to create a safe place that entertains, inspires creativity and drives culture.”

Tako’s disclosure

TikTok screenshot of Tako’s disclosure. Photo Credits: Watchful

In a screenshot by, Tako‘s disclosure states that since it’s an AI-generated chatbot, its feedback may not be true or factual. It states that it shouldn’t be relied upon on any medical or financial advice. Additionally, it states that its conversations will be reviewed for safety purposes. 

What this means for TikTok as a search engine platform

Many people in Gen Z already use TikTok as a search engine. So Tako has the potential to strengthen its offerings as a search engine. Also, considering its ability to list video recommendations based on a user’s queries, Tako could impact how platforms serve content. It makes it easier for users to find the content they want to watch without using TikTok’s search box.

However, Tako does pose more challenges for TikTok in controlling misinformation and disinformation on its platform. We will just have to wait and see how it fares if TikTok decides to roll it out worldwide.