In a nutshell

  • YouTube topics with the highest CPMs (Cost Per Mille) generate the most money per thousand views.
  • High CPM topics include finance and investing, technology, health and wellness, educational content, beauty and fashion and digital marketing.
  • Factors affecting CPM rates include geographic location, target audience demographics, video category, time of year, the advertiser’s bidding strategy, video length and the overall quality of the channel.
  • While pursuing high CPM niches can increase revenue, success on YouTube should not solely be measured by CPM; fostering a passionate community and delivering valuable, creative content are the ultimate goals for creators.

If you are interested in starting your own YouTube channel, you might be asking yourself, “What YouTube topic do I want my channel to focus on?” Of course, you should create content on topics you are interested in, but did you know that certain YouTube topics have higher CPMs? Yep, some topics generate more money per thousand views. So, if you’re wondering which topics earn creators the most money on YouTube, stick around — we’re sharing the top six YouTube topics with the highest CPMs.

First off — what does CPM mean?

The acronym CPM stands for Cost Per Mille. So, what does that mean exactly? Well, there are certain metrics YouTube uses to pay its creators. CPC — or Cost Per Click — for example, refers to how much creators make every time a viewer clicks on an ad on their channel. CPM refers to how much creators make per 1,000 views. Why is this important? Understanding CPM is beneficial to any and all creators on YouTube. If you’re just starting out, knowing what topics have the highest payout can be super helpful.

What factors affect CPMs?

CPM rates can vary significantly depending on multiple factors, including the geographic location of the viewers, the target audience, the video category, the time of the year and the advertiser’s bidding strategy.

Geographic location plays a crucial role in CPM rates. Advertisers are often willing to pay more to target specific regions. For instance, viewers from countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia generally yield higher CPMs compared to viewers from other parts of the world.

Furthermore, the target audience’s demographics, such as age, gender and interests, affect CPM rates. Advertisers are more likely to invest in channels that attract viewers from a desirable demographic, allowing them to deliver their message to a specific group of consumers.

What can you do to increase your video’s CPM?

Several factors contribute to higher YouTube CPM rates. The first and most significant factor is the video category or niche — the YouTube topic. Some niches, such as finance, technology and health, often attract advertisers willing to pay a premium to reach their target audience. These industries typically have higher profit margins and are more inclined to allocate substantial advertising budgets.

Moreover, the length of videos can impact CPM rates. Longer videos tend to generate higher CPMs, as they provide more ad inventory. However, creators must find a balance between video length and viewer engagement. Longer videos may lead to viewer drop-offs if not engaging enough.

Seasonal fluctuations also influence CPM rates. Advertisers often increase their spending during holidays or major events, leading to higher CPMs for creators who capitalize on these trends.

Lastly, the overall quality of a channel, including its production value, viewer engagement and subscriber base, can attract advertisers looking for high-performing channels. Building a loyal and engaged subscriber base is crucial for content creators to increase their CPM rates and maximize their earnings potential.

Which YouTube topics have the highest CPMs?

Now that we’ve covered what CPM means and the factors that affect it, let’s take a look at which YouTube topics have the highest CPMs.

Finance and investing

Finance videos on YouTube attract a specific audience interested in personal finance, investing and budgeting. Advertisers value reaching this targeted demographic with relevant financial products and services. These videos generate high viewer engagement and intent. They also benefit from trusted finance influencers, offer conversion potential and provide targeted advertising options, resulting in higher CPM rates. Some popular and successful finance creators on YouTube are Graham Stephan and Andrei Jikh.


Tech videos on YouTube attract a passionate audience of tech enthusiasts, early adopters and gadget lovers. Advertisers value their interest in the latest tech products, leading to higher CPM rates. Viewers actively seek tech information, trust influencers’ recommendations, and engage with new launches. Advertisers collaborate with tech influencers and benefit from the engaged tech community, making ad placements more valuable. Popular tech channels on YouTube include Marques Brownlee, Unbox Therapy and Linus Tech Tips.

Health and wellness

Health and wellness videos on YouTube attract a specific audience interested in fitness, nutrition and self-care. Advertisers value the chance to reach this targeted demographic with relevant products and services. Engaged viewers actively seek information and trust influencers’ recommendations, leading to higher conversions. The growing industry and targeted advertising options contribute to high CPM rates. Some popular health and wellness channels include Pick Up Limes, Downshiftology and The Body Coach TV by Joe Wicks.

Educational content

Educational content on YouTube attracts an engaged audience actively seeking knowledge, making it valuable for advertisers. High viewer engagement, association with reputable information sources, niche appeal and viewers’ intent to learn contribute to increased CPM rates. However, specific rates vary based on factors like audience size, demographics, video length and channel performance. Popular educational channels include AsapSCIENCE and Peekaboo Kidz.

Beauty and fashion

Beauty and fashion content attracts young adults, teenagers and predominantly female viewers, making it a valuable target audience for advertisers. These videos generate high viewer engagement, influence purchasing decisions, offer brand collaboration opportunities and showcase quality production value. They also benefit from YouTube’s niche advertising options for relevant targeting, leading to higher CPM rates. Some of the most successful creators in the beauty and fashion niches include NikkiTutorials, Jackie Aina and The Style Insider.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing content on YouTube targets specific industries, products or services, allowing advertisers to reach a relevant audience based on demographics, interests and search keywords. It aims to drive conversions and deliver measurable return on investment, benefiting from the expertise and authority of industry influencers. Engaged viewers actively seek information, making ad placements valuable for brand exposure and awareness. Popular digital marketing-focused channels include Brian Dean and Adam Erhart.

CPM isn’t everything

While the YouTube CPM landscape is diverse and ever-changing, understanding the factors that influence higher CPM rates can empower content creators to make informed decisions about their channel’s direction. By focusing on high-paying niches, producing engaging content and cultivating a loyal audience, YouTubers can unlock the platform’s potential for generating significant revenue. Remember, while high CPMs are desirable, they should not be the sole measure of success and shouldn’t be the only reason behind choosing a YouTube topic or niche. Building a passionate community, fostering creativity and delivering valuable content should always remain the ultimate goals for content creators on YouTube.