TikTok is a massive platform whose foundation has always been an avenue for music distribution and discovery. Many leading music labels, such as Universal Music Publishing Group and Sony Music Entertainment, understand TikTok’s power as a marketing tool and have made deals to allow their music on the platform. Simply put, the more music TikTok adds to its platform, the more it will enable creators to have a more expansive music library to choose from for their videos.

Now, TikTok is expanding its library further with a new deal with Audius.

Audius, a decentralized music streaming service (meaning the service isn’t run by one individual, but rather by the entire company), has landed a deal with TikTok. The deal allows creators who are on Audius to upload their music directly into TikTok’s music library. This is a massive deal given that over 100,000 musicians are on Audius, including many big-name artists like Skrillex, Weezer and deadmau5.

What does the Audius deal mean for TikTok creators?

The deal between Audius and TikTok is a good deal for both Audius musicians and TikTok creators alike. There have been many creators on TikTok’s platform who went viral because they picked a great song to pair with their video. Songs can also inspire trends, which help other creators to jump into the trend, inspiring new content.

Creators on Audius also benefit because their music will theoretically reach a broader audience on TikTok. Also, if their songs do end up inspiring a trend, the artist will get massive exposure. For example, Lil Nas X got his big break thanks to his song, Old Town Road, blowing up on TikTok.

TikTok’s music library is one of the largest among social media platforms. If it continues to add more music labels and services, it will be hard for other short-form video sites to compete. Creators will naturally want to use the platform that gives them the most options, and right now, it’s looking like TikTok is that entity.