The prestigious Streamer Awards 2024, which honors outstanding online content creators, has concluded. It recognizes the skills and achievements of well-known streamers across several categories. The much-awaited awards ceremony, hosted by QTCinderella, drew a peak viewership of 645,166 concurrent viewers, according to Streams Charts.

The meticulous nomations

The nominations for the 2024 Streamer Awards were meticulously curated, with nominees required to meet specific streaming criteria. Streamers had to stream for a minimum of 200 hours overall in 2023 to be eligible for any award category. 

Additionally, nominees vying for specific awards, such as Battle Royale or Chess, needed to stream for at least 100 hours in the respective category during the same period.

The winners of Streamer Awards

Streamer of the Year

Kai Cenat won the coveted title for the second year in a row. Cenat’s victory is not surprising, considering his reputation for producing exciting streams and his relationships with celebrities. He is known for creating dynamic and captivating content.

Nominees include CaseOh_, Jynxzi, Ironmouse and Quackity.

Gamer of the Year

Jynxzi won the competition by demonstrating her extraordinary gaming skills and exciting spectators with her action-packed gameplay all year long.

Nominees include Kyedae, Clix, Shroud and Tarik.

The Sapphire Award

The Sapphire Award for Best Female/Marginalized Gender Streamer went to Valkyrae.

Nominees include Emiru, Fanfan, LydiaViolet and ExtraEmily.

Legacy Award

Maximilian_Dood received the Legacy Award in recognition of his continuing influence and impact in the streaming space.

Streamer’s Choice Award

Liam won the title of Streamer’s Choice.

Best Variety Streamer

CaseOh_ claimed the title of Best Variety Streamer, captivating audiences with a diverse range of content and fostering a dedicated fanbase across multiple platforms.

Nominees include CDawgVA, xQc, Ludwig and Fuslie.

Best Breakthrough Streamer

Jynxzi once again triumphed as the Best Breakthrough Streamer.

Nominees include Plaqueboymax, CaseOh_ and Squeex

Best International Streamer

Quackity bagged the Best International Streamer award, underscoring the global reach and appeal of his content.

Commending Excellence in Event

The Creator Dodgeball World Championship, hosted by Ludwig, was awarded the Best Streamed Event, showcasing the power of community and collaboration in streaming culture.

Onward into 2024

The 2024 Streamer Awards proved to be a huge success and succeeded in its goal to bring the streaming world together. It is a great way to officially cap off 2023 and make us excited to see what the streaming community accomplishes in 2024.