Popular streamer Pokimane is leaving Twitch after a decade of streaming on the platform. Pokimane is the most followed female streamer on Twitch and is one of the most followed creators in general. She has been the face of Twitch for a long time and is often regarded as The Queen of Twitch by many due to her popularity. So, her departure could end up being a massive loss for the platform.

Pokimane confirms she’s leaving Twitch

Before the confirmation of her departure from Twitch, Pokimake made cryptic posts on X and Instagram hinting at the news. 

“The end of an era. Twitch has been my home for a decade, but it’s time to say thank you for all the memories and love during my League, Fortnite, & Among Us days,” her X post says. The streamer then posted the screenshot to her Instagram story. Many of her followers and friends are commenting on her post in both support and sadness, to which she replied, “Many tears on my end is what it means.”

While Pokimane’s post confirms she’s leaving Twitch, it’s not clear which platform she will continue to stream on. Pokimane did announce today that she will be hosting her first YouTube stream on February 1st, so it’s likely she will migrate her streams to YouTube.

What’s next?

A few hours after Pokimane posted on X, Twitch confirmed her departure with a reply to her post.

“What an incredible journey it’s been. We’re so proud of everything you’ve accomplished and what’s ahead in the future. You’ll always have a home on Twitch, Poki,” Twitch wrote. 

Poki leaving Twitch is not on everyone’s bingo card this 2024. However, with the ongoing financial issues of the platform and other streamer’s move to competitor sites, it’s not surprising. The streamer also did not mention future plans yet, but she announced a few months back that she was focusing more on YouTube and TikTok. 

Kick, a Twitch competitor whom Pokimane is critical of, quoted the post with a picture of the streamer’s cookie packaging. It is obviously a trolling post; however, the streaming platform revealed before that it’s still interested in working with her.

But with how Pokimake has heavily criticized the platform before, it’s highly unlikely she would ever go to Kick.

You can catch Pokimane’s first YouTube stream on February 1st at 12 PM PST.

Feature image courtesy: Pokimane