After a viral video on X, MrBeast is testing the platform’s ad payout again with a full video. His first video made a whopping $250k+ in less than a week. 

MrBeast’s tests video in comparison 

The YouTuber’s video “Train Vs Giant Pit!” was uploaded on the X platform on January 26. After three days, it garnered 48 million views. His first test video amassed 156.7 million views and 5.2 million interactions, which resulted in $263,655 of ad revenue. If we are going to base it on how the revenue was calculated for the first video experiment, the second video might get $1,690 for every million views.

Is the payout a facade?

After getting his ad revenue for the first video experiment, MrBeast called it “a bit of a facade.” He claimed that the advertisers jumped on the hype of the video and took their chance to buy more ads. According to MrBeast, “Advertisers saw the attention it was getting and bought ads on my video (I think) and thus my revenue per view is prob higher than what you’d experience.”

Many users also called out Musk and X’s “special” treatment of MrBeast’s video as it was run as an unlabeled ad. A user also claimed that he only got $102.57 for 30 million impressions. The YouTuber ended up giving back the earnings to his fans in a giveaway.

Now, after MrBeast posted his second full-length video on X, users are claiming that X is once again boosting MrBeast’s video in the algorithm more than it would for other creators.

Would the second video get the same revenue? 

Since it is not clear how X calculates its ad revenue, it will be interesting to see how much MrBeast will earn with his second experiment video. We will have to see if MrBeast receives a similar payout the his first video on X. If MrBeast’s theory that advertisers buy ads on his first video inflated his payout, we may see a difference in his payout this time around.

Featured image courtesy: MrBeast