Rooster Teeth, a digital content pioneer, is bidding farewell after 21 years. The shutdown comes as Warner Bros. Discovery, its parent company, makes the tough decision. The process, starting March 6, is expected to span several months.

The announcement

At an all-hands meeting, Rooster Teeth’s general manager, Jordan Levin, broke the news to staff. In an internal memo, Levin expressed the challenges faced by digital media amidst shifts in consumer behavior and monetization across platforms.

“It’s with a heavy heart I announce that Rooster Teeth is shutting down,” Levin wrote.

Despite the closure, The Roost Podcast Network will continue to operate. Warner Bros. Discovery plans to explore outside interest in acquiring this asset. Additionally, ongoing projects under the brand, including a forthcoming movie, will proceed as planned.

Reflecting on legacy

Founded in 2003, Rooster Teeth became a staple in digital content creation. The company’s journey, marked by iconic productions like Red vs. Blue, has left a lasting impact on the industry.

“We set a standard for what a digital-first brand could be,” Levin emphasized.

The decision to close is the result of issues facing the entire business. Shutdowns in the digital entertainment space have been caused by changes in monetization, platform algorithms, and advertising difficulties.

“Monetization shifts, platform algorithms, advertising challenges, and the ebb and flow of patronage—all these converging factors have led to many closures in the industry,” Levin remarked.

The final chapter

The closing of Rooster Teeth signifies the end of an era. Warner Bros. Discovery thanked the management, partners and creators for their contributions.

“Warner Bros. Discovery thanks Rooster Teeth’s groundbreaking creators and partners, and the strong management team, for their many years of success,” the company stated.

As Rooster Teeth navigates its final chapter, it leaves behind a legacy of innovation and community-driven experiences.