Known for his gambling-related livestreams and being a Kick cofounder, Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam has been hostile to the gambling platform Stake, calling it a “scam.” His complaints about the program frequently lead to arguments with other Kick cofounder Eddie Craven.

Transition from Twitch to Kick

Trainwreck gained fame initially on Twitch but switched to Kick after Twitch banned gambling in 2022, which he criticized as “corrupt.”

Since then, Trainwreck has regularly showcased his gambling activities live on Kick, frequently placing large bets using Stake, a platform founded by Kick’s creators.

Trainwreck’s accusations

During a Kick stream hosted by xQc on March 2, Trainwreck expressed his frustrations, stating, “Of course brother, I have one of the worst RTPs in the entire industry.” He accused Stake of being complicit in fraudulent activities, claiming, “It’s just a fking scam bro… watching the absolute fraud motherfkers sitting there max winning every day, pretending it’s all real.”

Confrontations with co-founder

Trainwreck revealed ongoing conflicts with co-founder Eddie Craven, mentioning, “me and Eddie have gotten into many arguments.” He emphasized his disdain for industries where fraudsters appear to thrive, expressing anger towards Stake’s involvement in such practices.

“Of course I get f**king angry, of course I get angry. Any industry where the frauds get to appear or look like they’re winning is f**king disgusting to me. So of course I get angry and the fact Stake is complacent in that makes me even angrier.”

Trainwreck’s vocal criticism of Stake demonstrates his dissatisfaction with the platform’s policies, especially given its suspected involvement in dishonest gaming tactics. His public disagreements with co-founder Eddie Craven highlight his grave fears about the integrity of Kick’s gambling.

Featured image courtesy: TrainwrecksTV