Noah Beck found fame on TikTok in months after joining in July 2020. He has 23.8 million followers on the app and growing. Beck’s content consists of short trending dances, lip-syncing and spreading positivity. Through his TikTok fame, he has gotten many opportunities to expand his range across platforms. AwesomenessTV has drafted Noah for a new reality show “Noah Beck Tries Things”


AwesomenessTV is a digital studio geared for Gen Z. They focus on TikTok and Digital influencers and host a multitude of reality and dating shows starring the creators themselves. Beck has been featured on Awesomeness in the past in a cooking show called “Dish This” alongside Blake Gray

Rising influencers 

Beck is a part of a plethora of up and coming influencers who are being introduced to the mainstream. Noah joined a TikTok collective called The Sway House in May. In the group, he became connected to other social media stars like Bryce Hall and James Charles

He linked up with Dixie D’Amelio near the beginning of his rise, another TikTok sensation with 48 million followers of her own. Dixie’s younger sister Charli has over 100 million followers and is the most followed person on the app. The D’Amelio family is set to debut their own reality show this year on Hulu. 

“Noah Beck Tries Things” will cover his new career path in being a full-time content creator. There will most likely be appearances from other influencers throughout the series providing more excitement. 

Power of TikTok

From starting on TikTok less than a year ago to starring in a short series on YouTube, Noah has gotten a strong footing in the content creation world. He launched a merch line called “Ur Luv’d” consisting of loungewear as well. Beck’s rise to fame goes to show that short-form video platforms like TikTok can create a plethora of opportunities for success and growth.

Featured Image Courtesy: Noah Beck – YouTube