You read that right. PewDiePie, one of YouTube’s top creators, signed a deal with Jellysmack, a company that works with video creators to expand their audiences and revenue across various social platforms. This means that he will now share content to Facebook.

Does this mean that PewDiePie is leaving YouTube? Absolutely not.

In fact, he intends to upload to YouTube as he always does. From there, Jellysmack intends to upload certain videos to Facebook, those being the ones that are best suited for Facebook audiences. The goal here is optimization, which ultimately leads to more money, according to Jellysmack co-founder Michael Phillippe.

“When you have the right tools and the right technology and the right content and everything, the reality is you can make much, much, much more money sometimes on Facebook than you can make on YouTube,” said Phillippe in an interview on the TechFirst podcast.

Jellysmack is a company that works with over 100 content creators, including Reaction Time, AzzyLand and Brad Mondo. Their goal is to distribute content across various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Ultimately, the move to Facebook will expand PewDiePie’s reach, which will, in turn, grow his audience, and he doesn’t have to put it the extra work. This seems to be a smart move for content creators. We see a lot of crossover between Twitch and YouTube. Many streamers upload their streams to YouTube to maximize their reach and create as much content as possible. NICKMERCS is a great example of this—he regularly uploads his streams from Twitch to YouTube and seems to have much success from doing so.

In 2020, PewDiePie signed a deal to livestream on YouTube exclusively. Now, in this deal with Jellysmack, his content will be distributed and appear on Facebook either this month or in February.