YouTube recently updated the data accessible to creators. Now creators see which channels their viewers are watching consistently. 

Where to find it

The new data set is in the YouTube Studio. On the left side, select Analytics. Then, select the Audience tab near the top of the page. Here there is a section titled “Other channels your audience watches”. In this section, you will see the other channels your viewers are watching over a 28 day period.

This section is similar to the “other videos your audience watched” section, which presents a slightly diluted take on audience insights. With data about other singular videos your audience watches, it’s likely not as informative as knowing what specific channels they are watching. Your viewers likely watch high trending videos, how-to videos, subject-specific videos and other random picks. This method to audience insight is not copacetic to what your audience wants from your channel.

Analyze other channels

Seeing the other channels that your viewers watch consistently gives a well-rounded outlook to their interests. Identifying similarities in the other channels that are watched by your viewers is integral to audience analysis. They can look into the aesthetics, editing styles, upload frequencies and general focus of the content. 

Tracking your audience’s interest over time to see how they may change will be resourceful for creators. For example, if you notice the other channels watched by your audience start to present new genres, you may want to adopt some ideas from them. Evolving with your audience is necessary to be successful on YouTube. 

Potential to grow

Other channels your viewers watch will give creators a good idea of a genre they fall into. Consider collaborating with channels that your viewers watch to boost engagement for all parties. Working with other channels can strengthen your brand and grow your audience. 

Utilize this new data along with all the other tools provided in the YouTube studio. It is essential to track your stats so you may build stability with your channel.