MrBeast just signed a $100 million contract with Amazon Studios. With this partnership, he will be able to bring his the upcoming reality TV show Beast Games to the masses, which will have 1,000 competitors fighting for a whopping $5 million cash prize.

Beast Games

When Beast Games was announced in January, MrBeast did not spare any time in presenting the concept to several streaming services. After defeating several strong competitors, Amazon emerged victorious and acquired the show’s rights. A crucial element of the agreement was MrBeast’s creative control, which guaranteed the integrity of his vision.

Amazon Studios partnership with MrBeast

Head of Amazon MGM Studios Jennifer Salke was excited to work with MrBeast, praising his appeal on a worldwide scale and his creative ideas. She stated that she wanted to use Beast Games to help him reach a larger audience with his fascinating and high-energy content.

In his statement, MrBeast stressed that he wanted to produce a show that was above and beyond the ordinary and that producers and YouTubers could succeed on a variety of platforms. He was grateful to Amazon for giving him creative freedom.

Expected quality of the show

Beast Games’ production budget and marketing strategy are still being worked out, but MrBeast made hints about smashing records. He expressed the distinctiveness and magnitude of Beast Games while responding to frequently asked questions concerning the show’s production quality, distribution format, filming timeline and comparisons to other well-known programs like “Squid Game” (2021).

MrBeast reassured the fans that the grandeur of Beast Games would not compromise the fun and genuineness of his YouTube videos.

Featured image courtesy: MrBeast