MrBeast, the most subscribed individual on YouTube, revealed shocking insight into his ad revenue. He’s known for his high-budget videos that cost millions. On average, his videos get hundreds of millions of views, and his main channel alone has more than 28 billion total video views. However, it turns out that MrBeast may not be making as much as you would think in terms of ad revenue.

MrBeast’s $3 million video gets just $167k in ad revenue

Twitter user Muaaz tweeted MrBeast’s ad revenue insight for his latest video. The video in question, entitled “Train Vs Giant Pit,” which experimented with explosives and crashing a train, cost MrBeast $3 million to produce. And it seems MrBeast got $167,000 in ad revenue for the 99 million views it amassed. The video might have gotten more income from sponsors, but it’s not clear if the YouTuber turned a profit from it. 

This information shocked fans and content creators as they’d expect bigger numbers from a huge content creator like him. However, it’s the reality of content creation. Even MrBeast admitted during an interview with Colin & Samir that he loses money on some videos and has to make up for that loss in other videos.

MrBeast constantly outdoes himself

Despite this insight into his ad revenue, MrBeast expressed that he always tried to outdo himself when it came to creating videos. According to him, “The money is best spent by doing grander things that I find interesting, that are unique and original, and people can’t really find it anywhere else. You can’t find what we do anywhere else, not at the scale we do — and that’s where I want to put the money because that’s what gets people coming back.” 

This disparity in production cost and ad revenue poses a question, do you need millions to produce viral videos? MrBeast believes you don’t have to spend millions on a video to become viral, as he has viral videos which he spent little budget on. It appears he invests in the content he wants to make, even if it loses him millions in ad revenue.