Twitter Blue subscribers started receiving ad revenue payouts last week when Twitter launched its Monetization Program. According to Owner and CTO of Twitter, Elon Musk, the first round of payouts would total $5 million. Some creators received a couple thousand dollars, while others received hundreds. 

This move was made to incentivize and encourage Twitter’s popular creators to tweet more in the midst of competition with the newly launched Meta app, Threads.

Twitter deletes legacy policy

However, creators experienced some issues, such as the legacy policy that do not make creators eligible for the monetization program. Twitter account Battle Beagle tweeted that it’s not eligible for the payout because its profile features animals, despite mostly retweeting from other accounts. It can only be monetized when the fictional character or animal is directly affiliated with the creator’s brand or organization. Musk replied to this concern by saying, “Consider this silly policy deleted as of now.”

Musk also tweeted that it’s going to share ad revenue from profile page views soon, which makes the payouts double. However, only views from verified users count to counter bots trying to scam the view count. 

Twitter increases rate limit for verified users

Another issue that creators encountered was hitting the rate limit in a short window of time. Musk replied it should not be an issue for a subscription-verified account. It’s worth noting that Musk limited the number of tweets users can read in a day. For this specific concern, Musk replied that the company is going to increase its rate limit to 50% for verified users only. 

With the changes to revenue policy and increase in rate limits, it seems like Twitter is taking countermeasures to keep creators on the app. The launch of Threads and its 100 million signups in just five days poses a great threat to the bird app. We shall see if these measures are successful.