YouTube thumbnails have a huge influence on the success of a video. If the thumbnails are not effective, it decreases the CTR or click-through rate, which pushes the YouTube algorithm to recommend the video less. The most subscribed individual on YouTube, Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, has cracked the code when it comes to the platform’s algorithm. Just recently, he shared his new findings on what thumbnail strategy works best for his new videos. 

The YouTube Test & Compare tool comes in handy for  

MrBeast shared a screenshot of the result of his thumbnail test using the test & compare tool on YouTube. “I closed my mouth on all my thumbnails and the watch time went up on every video lol,” his post on X reads.

The results he posted didn’t include any numbers but only tagged the successful thumbnail as the winner. The better-performing thumbnail is a testament that the algorithm is ever-changing. The common strategy for designing a YouTube thumbnail includes an exaggerated, open-mouthed face. These results from MrBeast puts that strategy into question.

The creator also adds, “Now that I can actually A/B test thumbnails I don’t have to guess and I just test and see what people want. My mouth would have closed years ago if I had this tool.” 

What it means for YouTube thumbnails going forward

With YouTube’s A/B testing, which is available for select users for now, creators can efficiently test thumbnails without using third-party apps. MrBeast’s new finding might also change the game for thumbnails, given his massive influence on the platform.

Image assets in feature image courtesy: MrBeast