It’s always a struggle for streamers on any platform to find DMCA-compliant music to play in the background of their livestreams. Up until now, only partnered streamers on Facebook Gaming could use music licensed through Facebook in the background of their livestreams. Now, Facebook’s expanding the pool of streamers who can use its library of copyrighted music.

Level up creators can now use copyrighted music in the background of their livestreams

Starting today, creators in Facebook Gaming’s Level Up program can use music in Facebook’s licensed library. The library includes music from labels such as Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. Also, the deal works for stream VODs and clips, so you won’t have to delete them after the fact either — always a major plus for streamers.

While there are already pre-set playlists, you don’t have to use them if you don’t want them. You can play any song you like. If you happen to play a piece of music that isn’t in the copyrights deal, Facebook will send you a notification and flag the stream.

However, you still have to be wary about how you use the music in your livestreams. Facebook says it has a better system that can detect when streamers have music playing in the background of the stream versus times when the song is the main focus of the stream. You can’t play songs outright, like a radio show, on Facebook. You can have the music playing in the background of your stream, though.

Easier access to licensed music for streamers

Ultimately, this is a positive thing for the streaming community on Twitch. The Level Up program is a step down from Facebook’s Partnered program, so it’s easier to get into. With more creators gaining more access to copyrighted music, it undoubtedly entices more streamers to consider Facebook as a viable streaming platform.