As more platforms are introducing AI creator tools, Facebook and Instagram will follow suit. During the Meta Connect event last week, the company announced that it’s launching AI-powered photo editing and AI-generated stickers. 

New AI photo editing tool for Instagram

According to Meta, a new photo editing AI tool will be available on Instagram. This tool will allow users to restyle the images and create unique backdrops. With the restyle feature, users will have the ability to restyle the images by typing a prompt, such as: transform the images to ‘Van Gogh,’ ‘watercolor,’ or ‘1980s anime.’ 

The backdrop feature, on the other hand, lets users add AI-generated backdrops to their images by typing a prompt. You can get creative to make the backdrops as cool as you want them to be. If you’re wondering how users can spot AI-generated images, Instagram is testing AI label tools so posts can be easily identified as AI-powered or human-made. 

Meta will add AI-generated stickers to Facebook and Instagram

Image courtesy: Meta

Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger users will soon be able to generate as many stickers from prompts as they want. This new feature will be available to the mentioned apps next month. So, users can finally generate a unicorn birthday cake stickers in seconds without having to scroll through and endless wall of stickers. 

More platforms are launching AI tools 

Companies such as YouTube and TikTok have announced their own set of AI-powered tools. Aside from its AI labeler tool, TikTok also recently introduced its AI-powered virtual assistant that helps creators with their research. YouTube, on the other hand, is adding multiple AI tools, namely AI Insights, Dream Screen, Aloud, and Assistive Search in Creator Music.

As the digital landscape is expanding, the demand for AI tools is increasing. Despite the debate on the usage of AI in content creation, a number of these tools are actually helpful in streamlining the process of making content.