After 13 years on YouTube, MatPat, the icon figure behind The Game Theorists, The Film Theorists, The Food Theorists and The Style Theorists, has decided to step back from hosting duties. In a heartfelt 25-minute video titled “Goodbye Internet” uploaded recently, MatPat shared, “Steph and I have known this video would be coming for the last three years.” He will be “handing off the channels to someone else.”

Counting down to goodbye

However, MatPat won’t be leaving right away. He plans to host nine more videos on all four channels, wrapping up with a celebration on March 9. The last videos promise a mix of fun theories, revisiting old favorites and featuring familiar faces. 

MatPat says that Tom Scott’s epic goodbye video influenced his decision. He more specifically mentions his dislike for late nights and having to talk about work during dinner with his wife, Stephanie.

Passing on the torch

With MatPat’s departure, Theorist Media’s channels will be hosted by new hosts. Lee Collins will now host Cinema Theory, Amy Roberts will now host Style Theory, Santiago Massa will host Food Theory and Tom Robinson will host Game Theory. Nonetheless. MatPat reassures viewers that he will still serve as the host of GTLive and as a creative director, contributing to concepts and programming.

MatPat thanks everyone for the incredible 13-year journey and promises to always be there for his fans. He is still going to work behind the scenes and produce content that pushes the new hosts. MatPat teases new endeavors, including an April digital creator fashion show on Style Theory and a laid-back video series.

A friendly farewell

The YouTube icon concludes his journey, leaving a lasting impression on the website and thanking everyone for the exciting journey. MatPat’s legacy endures as Theorist Media embarks on an exciting new chapter.

Feature image courtesy: The Game Theorists