The well-known Twitch streamer and OnlyFans content creator Amouranth just unveiled an AI version of herself that people can pay to interact with. Based on her personality, the AI counterpart accumulated an astounding $34,000 in just a single day.

The launch of the AI companion

Amouranth, real name Kaitlyn Siragusa, worked with Forever Voices in May 2023 to create “Amouranth AI,” which is meant to mimic her personality. Marketed as a “companion” with sophisticated roleplaying features, Amouranth’s 6.3 million Twitch viewers found the companion to be rather popular.

The tiers and perks

The AI companion offers a virtual friendship experience with a variety of features, such as custom videos and random picture sharing. For prices, there are different options: you can get a monthly “friend” subscription for $5.99, have a “fling” for $9.99 or go for a “Friends with Benefits” package at a cost of $99.99 each month.

Before long, the AI influencer business was profitable enough to surpass Amouranth’s Twitch stream earnings. On her personal X account, Amouranth revealed that people spent an average of $20 for the AI counterpart in the first 24 hours to clear $34,000 and 40% of participants did not follow her account.

Support and criticism

Supporters praised Amouranth’s inventiveness and expressed enthusiasm. However, the AI sparked criticism for escalating parasocial ties between creators and followers despite its widespread use. Critics referred to the AI as “creepy,” voicing worries about how it would contribute to the growing problem of loneliness. 

But Amouranth defended the product, saying, “A lot of people are saying this type of thing is the cause of the loneliness epidemic — I disagree. This doesn’t cause loneliness — it’s probably closer to being therapeutic. It’s what people reach for to refrain from feeling alone.”