Darren Jason Watkins Jr., commonly known as the streamer and rapper IShowSpeed, has pledged never to go back to Norway following a terrifying event in which he was attacked by a mob of admirers. In preparation for the 2024 Euro Football Championship, Speed is currently touring Europe and has already experienced a number of chaotic incidents.

Incident in Oslo

On July 3, Speed observed a large number of fans gathered outside the souvenir shop where he was livestreaming from in Oslo. As he started talking to them, they started chanting “Siu,” the well-known catchphrase of football player Cristiano Ronaldo. Speed jumped up and down with excitement, inadvertently breaking his foot. “I think I just broke my ankle,” he said repeatedly, holding his foot in pain.

Things went south as Speed attempted to exit the store, where he needed security to drag him through the surrounding fans. As everyone surged at him while chanting his name, Speed became alarmed and yelled at them to stop, fighting to get to his car after getting separated from his cameraman.

One fan even leaped from the roof into the crowded area while others climbed up on top of the vehicle. “My ankle’s broken. They pulled my hair out. They threw water at me. Somebody literally did a WWE Rey Mysterio move and jumped off the car,” Speed said, calling it the “scariest day” of his life.

Pledges to never return

Following his eventual escape to safety, Speed uploaded a YouTube video describing what happened, clearly upset and shaken. “Bro, I’m never coming to this country again. I promise, on God, I’m never coming to this f**ing country,” he said as fans pounded on his car. He also shared more details on his second account, claiming, “They pulled my hair out and threw piss on me, and some random dude jumped in my car and started tweaking.”

This isn’t the first time Speed has faced such chaos on his European tour. Despite these incidents, Speed continues to be a popular figure online, with over 20 million subscribers on YouTube.