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  • Utilize the best apps for content creators to optimize videos, streamline workflows and stay organized.
  • Leverage analytics, SEO and audience engagement tools to maximize your YouTube channel’s growth and reach.
  • Explore popular apps like TubeBuddy, vidIQ, Social Blade, Ahrefs and YouTube Studio for comprehensive channel management.

As of 2023, there are over 51 million YouTube channels. Content creators have earned about 55% of the revenue on their channels, and for every $100 an advertiser pays, Google has paid out $55 to the creator. With numbers like these, it’s unmistakably clear: There’s money to be made on the number one video-sharing site. Before reaching monetary goals, YouTube creators must consider the best ways to grow their channel and improve productivity. After learning how the platform works and what audiences want, the next trick is getting the tools that help you figure out which ones work best for the exposure and growth of your channel. Here’s a list of some of the most popular apps that can tremendously impact reaching viewers and growing your channel.


Image courtesy: TubeBuddy

One of the most popular and widely used apps for YouTube content creators is TubeBuddy. Before becoming available as a mobile app for Android, it was a browser extension. The app automatically installs and interfaces with YouTube. You can manage your channel and content on the go, allowing you to assess the control and strategy of your content.

TubeBuddy offers many impressive features. Auto-translate is one of them. This tool lets you reach people in various countries in any language. TubeBuddy also has a search engine that works like Google, allowing you to search videos using the right keywords. You also get a feature that helps you split-test your video content’s optimization before uploading it. With this feature, you can test the titles of each of your videos and the tags, descriptions and thumbnail images to know which ones are original, popular, and may work best for your channel.

TubeBuddy’s extension works with any browser — Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. — and allows you to monitor your stats compared to your contenders. You can download a free basic version or the paid advanced version for Android/iOS.


Image courtesy: vidIQ

Similar to TubeBuddy, vidIQ is another popular app widely used by YouTubers. Many creators consider it the best substitute for TubeBuddy because of the collection of tools geared to help YouTubers grow their channels. With vidIQ, creators can manage all SEO productions for their channel and provide wide-ranging analysis and data for any YouTube video. It’s an AI-powered tool that helps you update video title and description keyword optimization, generate thumbnail images, identify influencers, manage comments, and run a comparison against rival channels. YouTubers use the app for many different categories, from gaming, tech and education to sports, news and blogs. You can download a free version or paid subscription for Android and IOS.

Social Blade

Image courtesy: Social Blade

Social Blade is another helpful app for real-time statistics regarding content creators’ YouTube channels. It’s a favorite of many YouTubers because it can track different statistics on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and Instagram. You can balance up to three channels at the same time, which gives you an indication of where you stand alongside your competitors’ channels. That makes it an invaluable tool for improving your social media marketing strategy. Some of the features supported include tracking other YouTubers, viewing Top Channel Charts and key statistics from views and subscriptions to estimated earnings.

Social Blade also gives you the capability to determine which creators on YouTube belong to multi-channel networks or management agencies. It then uses these statistics to establish how other creators monetize their accounts.

Social Blade is free, but you must register on their website.


Image courtesy: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is similar to some of the other apps mentioned here. It’s an all-in-one SEO toolset that can help you find your website’s SEO issues and learn how to fix them. With it, you discover the most popular content on any topic and find the best ideas for your content by searching popular search terms. Keyword research gives you relevant keyword ideas and helps you see how hard it would be to rank for those keywords. It can also rank tracking, allowing you to track your search rankings along with your competitors’.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools are free for any website owner. Full access subscription plans are divided into Lite, Standard, Advanced and Agency.

YouTube Studio

Image courtesy: YouTube

YouTube Studio is the official YouTube app from Google for content creators. It allows you to check your channel’s performance with real-time analytics. This free on-the-go app lets you manage your channel from anywhere. It’s one of the most user-friendly tools offered to content creators that allows you to monitor any issues you may be experiencing with your channel and change your profile name and photo. It lets you respond to comments, filter comments, manage your playlist and adjust the monetization settings. Regarding mobile apps, YouTube Studio is excellent for newcomers and seasoned YouTubers alike. And the best perk of all is that the app is 100 percent free and available for download on Android and iOS.

You do you

Several apps can help grow your YouTube channel. UChannel – Sub4Sub and Tag-You are two additional apps you can also investigate. Find the app or apps that are a perfect fit for your needs. But make sure that you keep in mind that the best apps help you learn more about your channel and your audience and increase your subscribers. Building a successful channel on YouTube means producing engaging and top-quality content. A good app can help you reach that goal.