Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably already familiar with TikTok. This social media video-sharing platform is full of people who love to create, share and watch entertaining short videos. Millions of people use the app daily, including content creators, famous actors, musicians and influencers. TikTok is an excellent place for them to build a community of followers and many of them have planted their stakes firmly into the platform. With so many high-profile people using the platform, you’ve likely noticed that shiny blue verified checkmark sitting comfortably next to their name or TikTok handle.

So how does one get qualified to become a verified account? Why is it so easy for some to achieve that status while others struggle? In this article, we’ll discuss this and how you can get your TikTok account verified.

What are TikTok verification badges?

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TikTok verification badges are the small, blue checkmarks that sit next to verified users’ names. TikTok provides this verification badge to distinguish authentic accounts from fake fan accounts. This is why high-profile users own most verified accounts.

How does TikTok grant verification badges?

TikTok looks at a few factors when granting accounts with the verification badge. According to TikTok, the platform looks at whether the accounts are authentic, unique and active. It also checks to make sure if the account follows its Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Every user that signs up on the platform must follow guidelines to keep the app a safe and fun place for everyone.

Why would you want to get verified?

There are a couple of reasons why creators strive to get their verification badges. Once a user is verified, the account becomes official. It communicates credibility to users. When they see that shiny blue checkmark, they know the account is authentic and owned by a high-profile individual or group. A verified badge also adds a layer of trust among other high-profile accounts and their followers.

Verified accounts get a lot more exposure than the regular creators on the platform as well. When you create content, your videos get pushed to every corner of the app, allowing you to receive more likes, views and ways to grow your fanbase and gain exposure for your brand.

How to get verified on TikTok

The most realistic and quick way for a user on the app to become verified is to have a large, active following. Every social media platform is full of celebrities or people in the entertainment field. There’s a high probability that if you’re known in this field, TikTok will instantly verify your account. A famous name goes a long way on any social media platform.

Still, you don’t have to be Will Smith to receive a blue checkmark. Many content creators can receive their blue checkmarks without having to reach the top of Hollywood.

Here are the steps you need to take to grab TikTok’s attention and get your verification badge.

Step 1: You should post consistently

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Establish yourself as a content creator by consistently posting content that’s related to your niche. It helps if your videos go viral, as that will help you get on TikTok’s radar. Going viral on TikTok is easier than on other video-sharing platforms. However, it’s still no walk in the park.

Nevertheless, those who post consistently have a higher chance of going viral and becoming verified than those who don’t.

Step 2: Watch your watch time

Watch time helps TikTok’s algorithm pick which videos it will recommend to other users in the For You page. Since TikTok’s videos run just 15 to 180 seconds, they’re looking for videos that get viewers to stay and watch the entire thing. Create enticing, engaging content that keeps viewers watching your videos all the way through.

Step 3: Ensure you’re receiving high engagement from your followers

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The more engaged your followers are, the better. High engagement tells TikTok and its algorithm people like your content. In turn, more people will see your content. This grows your brand exposure for new viewers and help your chances of getting verified by TikTok.

Step 4: You need to have a social media presence outside of TikTok

Other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow you to apply for verification, so being verified on other apps increases your chances on Tik Tok.

Step 5: Be sure to have a daily growth of followers

Showing TikTok you’re a rising star on its platform helps you get on their radar. This doesn’t mean there is a magic number you have to reach to earn verification. There are TikTok accounts with hundreds of thousands, even millions, of followers that don’t have verification badges.

Applying for a verified badge

Ultimately, it’s up to TikTok to decide who gets verified and who doesn’t. If users believe they should receive verification, they can go through the same process as when their videos get taken down. If TikTok decides verification isn’t warranted, you can appeal the decision.

Decide if applying for verification is right for you

When it comes down to it, having a verification badge is beneficial to your success on TikTok. However, it’s not for everyone. No matter what social media platform you’re active on, a verification checkmark doesn’t inherently make you special, even if it may seem like it. Create engaging videos and grow your community and success will follow. If down the line you have the opportunity to verify your account, you can decide if you want that blue checkmark next to your name.