TikTok is home to over 689 million active users worldwide. It’s a social and video platform that is both fun and therapeutic. Users come together and create content that either makes a splash or falls flat. To some, it doesn’t matter. For others, going viral is the epitome of making it. But what does it mean to go viral on TikTok?

Going viral can mean different things. Viral content is an image, video, or link that is shared rapidly through the population over time. Depending on the user, a video that is considered viral can range from 100 views to over a million. To the popular creators on the app, viral is part of their everyday creation. Most videos can hit triple-digit views. To them, it just comes naturally. For the rest of us, it’s hard to imagine ever reaching that height. For us, it takes time. To help, here are a few tips on how to go viral on TikTok.

Consistency is key

Being consistent and posting daily is key. Once you download the app, the best thing to do is start posting. Create videos that express who you are whether you have a niche or not. Uploading daily and consistently makes it easy for people to see and find you.

Stay up to date with the latest trends. To find what’s popular, check out the trending songs and hashtags that are available on the app. Using a popular hashtag gets your content seen by others. Sometimes a lot of hashtags can be your friend, this allows the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) function to bring in more traffic your way. Sometimes, less is more. You don’t want the wrong audience to find you. Make sure they fit into your video and who you are as a creator.

Keeping with the trend idea and using popular audios is what TikTok is known for. A variety of audio and sounds are at your fingertips, most are popular and have weight to them. But not all sounds can give you that viral moment. Sometimes, your own voice is the key. Be creative, write a short skit or be personal. Having an opinion can reach more than just following a trend. There is a tool on the app that allows you to do voiceovers. Using this allows TikTok more keywords that will then send your video to the right audience. 


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Interact with your audience

Once a video is edited and uploaded, it is time to interact with your audience. A viral video doesn’t always mean views. It just means engagement. By replying, it sends out a message to TikTok that this video is garnering attention thus puts your video on the For You page.

Dancing videos are always a sure bet in going viral. There are tons of dances that are going around that can help gather views. But it’s not always easy and unless you are a talented dancer or are a quick learner, this road might be a long one. Being real and being yourself is what audiences like. Tell a story, whether it is true or not, pull people and if it’s interesting, they will stick around. Stories done in parts are another way to gather views and get followers. By doing part one of a story, people will like your video, save them and come back hoping to hear more. 

Add captions

The way to reach more audience and to get on the for you page is by adding captions. These are texts that can easily be added and lets TikTok know the type of audience your video should target. Most of the time, when people scroll through the app, they do it with the volume off. So by using captions, it lets users watch your video on mute during times when sound is inconvenient. Outside apps such as Captions make it easier to add tiles to your video, giving you more time to be creative. 

Keep is simple

Videos on the app can go from 15 seconds to a minute. It is more likely that a video will be watched all the way through if it is short and sweet. A popular trend on the app was the time loop, these short videos are filmed in a way that it appears as though the creator is stuck in a loop. By cutting it this way, the viewer is drawn in and the experience is repeated. This is how you get views. A time loop video of mine garnered over 45 million views over time. Yes, shorter videos equals more views but it is also about the quality and uniqueness of content that brings in eyes and keeps users from scrolling up. 

Time to go viral

Going viral on TikTok is like playing the slots. Yes, sometimes you win. Sometimes a video that you posted will become viral. Most times, you just sit there, waiting for that jackpot. With today’s generation, that instant gratification means that if a video doesn’t go viral immediately, it won’t ever go viral. That mentality is wrong, though. When it comes to viral videos, the best game is the long one. Since the algorithm is constantly changing, older videos are now being targeted and getting sent to the foryou page more often than newer ones.

Now you know the best tips on how to go viral on TikTok. Be patient and continue to post. You never know when a jackpot will happen.