Facebook has announced the release of a mobile version of Creator Studio. It’s been long requested from content creators and now they’re getting it.

Up until this point, creators could only use Creator Studio on desktops. Now they can access it on their mobile phones. Creators can now upload and track performance metrics. Right now, Creator Studio is currently available on both iOS and Android.

Coming to mobile

Facebook made the announcement in a blog post. The company claims the Creator Studio app is “an evolution of and mobile complement to” the desktop version. Inside of the app, it will give creators access to data and engagement metrics, which includes ‘one-minute views’ and ‘average minutes viewed’. Creators will also be able to edit video titles and descriptions right from the app. As well, they can delete existing posts and to publish drafted posts, read and respond to messages and comments, toggle between multiple Facebook Pages, and receive notifications for account milestones.

This is the second stab at a Creator Studio app

Facebook previously released an app geared towards creators, but it wasn’t successful. It was launched back in 2017. It was called Facebook Creator App, but it was discontinued. Facebook told Tubefilter the first app was less geared to vital features than the current app. It focused more on Live video previews and exclusive Stories stickers, which aren’t that important to creators. Facebook says the new app will focus on insight and Page toggling.

A companion tool to the desktop version

To be clear, the mobile version of the Creator App won’t have the same capabilities as the desktop version. The mobile version will be a companion tool to the desktop version according to Facebook. Still, it seems like it will make Facebook creator’s lives a lot easier being able to check analytics and track performance on the go.