It was a huge deal when Mixer stole Twitch’s top streamer Ninja. However, despite landing this huge deal, among others, Mixer isn’t growing its audience much.

The Microsoft Mixer video-game streaming service, even with Ninja, Shroud and KingGothalion streaming exclusively on their platform, just can’t seem to increase its audience. To be clear, the company isn’t losing its audience, rather it is barely making any growth. It’s staying fairly stagnant in its popularity and usage. For instance, its overall watch time is only up 2% since January 2019, according to StreamElements and Watch time is very important to streaming services. It is a huge hit to Microsoft if it only increases 2% after spending a ton of money getting top streamers to exclusively stream on their platform.

How does Mixer stack up to every other platform?

Though Mixer is plateauing, that doesn’t seem to be the case for many other streaming services. Facebook Gaming has seen a huge growth in its watch time. Facebook saw a 340% increase in the growth of its hours watched. That’s more than quadrupling its hours. YouTube Gaming saw a 25% growth. Twitch saw a little growth with 5%, but we need to consider its watch time is already way compared to all the other platforms.

It is clear that, even with its huge streamer deals, Mixer isn’t growing its audience and popularity with the path it is following currently. Mixer threw a lot of resources into getting top Twitch streamers, but star power isn’t the only thing a company needs to grow.

Could things change?

This doesn’t mean Mixer is doomed. Far from it. We’re expecting to see the release of a new Xbox this year and typically new consoles bring in increased video game sales and increased interest in streaming related to the new content. It is quite possible Microsoft could cash in on their own streaming platform through its new console.