The Try Guys, a well-known YouTube group, is going through a big change as one of the original members, Eugene Lee Yang, is departing the group. They have announced this news as the Try Guys prepare to introduce a brand-new streaming service that requires a subscription.

Eugene Lee Yang’s departure

The remaining members, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld, shared this update in an interview with Rolling Stone on May 22, 2024.

“We’re gonna miss working with Eugene. He has been one of the true collaborators of both of our lives. But we’ve had a long time to process this,” said Zach. “So, we’re very excited for him, very excited for us, and just feeling very energized by this whole moment.”

Keith added, “Eugene leaving is sort of necessary for us to keep moving forward. Things change. The Try Guys’ original cast already came to an end once, but now it’s sort of getting a better finite ending.”

Eugene officially announced his departure from The Try Guys in a video on their official YouTube channel.

In the video, Eugene revealed that he remains close friends with the rest of The Try Guys, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld, and that he is open to guest appearing in future videos on the channel. He also says that he has many projects in the works, such as a feature film and a book.

New beginnings with 2ndTry TV

Zach and Keith are hopeful about the future despite the changes. A new subscription service called 2ndTry TV is being introduced, which will provide fans with additional content and creative freedom for the Try Guys.

“We’re not going anywhere! All the shows you’re used to will still be free and we’ll be posting some new episodes of our new shows too,” they wrote in an Instagram post.

The pair also confirmed the addition of nine more cast members. Fans are excited to see the kind of material these new members will provide to YouTube and the company’s new subscription platform.

Future of Try Guys

The Try Guys are ready for a new chapter as Eugene moves on to pursue other artistic ventures. Zach and Keith are committed to preserving The Try Guys’ culture and values. “I want to keep doing cool stuff. I hope certainly the next time we’re global news it’s for something sick as hell,” Keith said.

Image courtesy: The Try Guys