This week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed to appeal a judge’s ruling that blocked the Trump administration’s ban on TikTok being downloaded in the US.

This ruling was issued by US District Judge Carl Nichols. The December 7th ruling blocked the Commerce Department’s ban on TikTok from being downloaded in US app stores. Nichols’ order followed another order from US District Judge Wendy Beetlestone. In this case, a group of TikTok creators challenged the ban, successfully arguing that the ban had a negative effect on their income. They claimed the ban would cause them to lose their brand sponsorships and other financial opportunities. Judge Beetlestone’s ruling issued an injunction against the TikTok ban.

US District Judge Carl Nichols’ ruling on the Tiktok ban

Leading up to Nichols’ ruling, TikTok said it would take legal action against the Trump administration. Nichols’ case, which was headed by TikTok, ultimately ruled the Trump administration overstepped its authority when issuing its restrictions. The judge referred to the agency’s action as “arbitrary and capricious.”

After the ruling, the US Commerce Dept. spokesperson said it would comply with the injunctions, but also intend to “vigorously defend the [executive order] and the Secretary’s implementation efforts from legal challenges.” They answered this week with the appeal.

At this time, TikTok hasn’t commented on the appeal. However, the state of the appeal is unclear at this point because of the new incoming Biden administration. It is unclear if the US will continue to try to ban TikTok when the new administration takes control.