When you consider the types of video content that are consistently uploaded online, there is never any shortage. One style that should be part of your video arsenal are review videos. Why are these style videos so important to your channel and how can they help you? They are a great way to gain views and help push your channel to the top of search engines. It might be good to create some variety with your reviews and do some product comparisons. This vs that reviews are great for this.

This vs that reviews — what are they?

Review videos are part of a long line of popular Youtube video trends circling around various video platforms. Recently seen on the short video sharing platform of TikTok, more and more creators are using this style of videos due to its easy setup. In these videos, creators review products, software, movies, music and more. Whether reviewing one product at a time, showcasing their knowledge about specific products.

What makes this vs that reviews stand out is that they serve as a head to head comparison of two products. Often times, there are many people searching for comparisons like these to figure out which is the best — they want to know which product they should buy.

Product reviews are a great way to reach audiences and bring in viewership to your channel. Think about it. Millions of people watch videos on Youtube. Many of these viewers take part in consumerism in some way shape or form every day. So by appealing to this audience, it will generate more traffic to your channel.

What kinds of products should you compare?

The best way to decipher what products to review for your this vs that reviews is to start with the basics. What are your interests? What niche does your channel fall under? Knowing this helps create a clear and credible voice. If you are interested in makeup, it will help to have knowledge about specific makeup brands. Consider unboxing products and testing them out. Distinguish what you like about it and what you don’t. Afterward, compare them with another brand. Consumers like seeing feedback on potential purchases.

Comparing products such as makeup and tech is a sure-fire way to broaden your channel. People want the best products. They will research, compare and contrast each product, see what works and what doesn’t. This is where this vs that review videos come in handy. A visual of products makes it easier for consumers to understand and make smart decisions on their choices.

When reviewing or comparing products, make sure you showcase each product with a clear voice. Test products out yourself. This adds credibility to your voice. Make lists of pros and cons and display them on a poster board in your background or use graphics and edit them in during your editing stage.

Try it out. Next time you purchase something — create a video reviewing it. If the product is a new makeup brand—compare it with another brand in your bathroom. Explain why one is better than the other or vice versa. Specifically mentioning products, increase the odds of it popping on someone’s search feed.

Channels that are doing these reviews

If you need a visual on what this or that review videos look like; check out these Youtube channels below for inspiration.

Think Media is a youtube channel helping content creators with their channel as well as weekly tech review and camera tutorials. Their review videos are straightforward and really showcase products. They are aesthetically pleasing when displaying each product allowing viewers to get a glimpse of how they work. They have a clear voice and knowledge about what they review.

These two channels are vloggers who have created videos that are clear and show how easy this style can be. Gabriela Francesca focuses on giving reviews of the best fragrances to buy as gifts. Within her videos, she unboxes each fragrance and details each one displaying her notes as graphics on the screen. Meg Says review videos are calming and very resourceful which include first impressions of products, worst to best purchases and to repurchase or not.

Why this style is beneficial

Review videos help broaden your channel’s reach. Consumers are constantly searching for specific reviews, so when you create these videos, you allow your content to become widely visible through SEO searches.

Creating review videos may lead to future sponsorships. If a review video goes viral and gains major attraction, you can catch the eye of a production company. By doing so, can provide other products for you to review and a partnership can blossom. Mentioning a brand in your videos will create interest and help drive business for companies. A content creator on TikTok made a video expressing her love of her new athletic gear. The video went viral and @eryn_not.erin soon grabbed the attention of the brand themselves. Now she is an ambassador for the brand. 

There are millions of trends popping up online and each one is just as important as the last. Review videos are easy to create and have benefits down the road. As you continue to create content and review more products, you might see a drastic change in your viewership as well as engagement.