Twitch personality Amouranth, known for her streams and OnlyFans content, expressed shock upon discovering that her partnership with Twitch had been terminated without any notice.

Twitch didn’t provide explanation for termination

Kaitlyn Siragusa, known as ‘Amouranth’ online, has garnered a substantial following on Twitch over the years, boasting an impressive 6.3 million followers on the platform. Amouranth recently noticed that her Twitch channel had been unpartnered without any clear explanation. Sharing her confusion with her followers on X, she posted a screenshot of her channel lacking the verified tick and questioned, “I got unverified/unpartnered on Twitch?”

Controversies and Twitch bans

Amouranth has experienced multiple bans from the Twitch platform, so her brand has not been without controversy. Many were shocked that she had maintained her partnership status up until this point in spite of these occurrences. Thankfully, it appears that Twitch has reverified her account. Right now, it’s unclear why or how this happened. Considering how quickly Twitch responded, it’s also unclear if their was a planned move or if it was a simple technical glitch. However, considering that on Amouranth’s initial post, there were several users claim to still see her verified checkmark on Twitch, it’s likely the latter.

On X, users voiced their dissatisfaction with Twitch’s handling of the matter and emphasized the necessity of open communication with content creators. Whatever the reason, many people thought Amouranth should have been given a reason for her sudden change in status as a partner, even if it was a glitch.

Image courtesy: Amouranth