During its recent US creator summit, social media platform TikTok revealed some important updates to its monetization program, Creativity Program. These updates include a new name for the program and improvements to content creators’ income streams.

Evolution of the Creativity Program

The TikTok Creativity Program, which was initially launched in beta to promote creativity and increase creators’ financial opportunities, is undergoing changes. The Creativity Program is now named the Creator Rewards Program. The Creator Rewards Program will soon emerge from beta with improvements. The program’s success is evident in the noteworthy increase in creator income and the noteworthy number of creators who make over $50,000 per month.

In addition to the Creator Rewards Program, TikTok is expanding its LIVE Subscription feature, now simply called Subscription, to non-live creators. As a result of this change, creators will be able to provide exclusive content and benefits through additional revenue streams to their most engaged followers.

TikTok Creator Academy

TikTok is also transitioning the Creator Portal into the Creator Academy. This change is intended to give creators a wealth of resources — including courses, videos, articles and insights — to aid in their creative process. The Creator Academy is currently in testing and will soon be accessible in-app in seven languages, with more to come.

Ensuring accessibility and education

TikTok looks to understand the value of education and accessibility for its creative community. This dedication is demonstrated by the change from the Creator Portal to the Creator Academy, which provides extensive resources and insights into the platform’s monetization features.

“Nothing is more important to me than championing and advocating for our creator community,” says Adam Presser, TikTok’s Head of Operations and Trust & Safety. TikTok is committed to giving creators chances for success and growth even as it develops further.

Featured image courtesy: TikTok