Creator Insider recently released a video introducing three new developments for posting on YouTube. In the video a program manager from YouTube interviews Omar, a product manager focusing on community. Omar lays out the three new features coming to Posts.

Post Metrics in YTA

Users with over 1,000 subscribers globally are now able to see analytics from specific posts in Youtube Analytics. Omar explains it is a highly requested update. Creators are able to access extensive data to learn about their return on investment for posts. Users can only see impression and engagement rates on a desktop currently, but Youtube is planning to roll out the updates to the mobile Studio in the near future. This update will allow creators to see how their audience reacts to a post to cultivate a better posting strategy. 

Multiple images in YouTube Posts

Creators are now able to upload five images to each post. Previously creators were only able to add one image to a post. Omar continues to say this update offers creators “more ability to express themselves and make posts more dynamic for viewers”.  Like post metrics, this update is available to creators with 1,000 subscribers or more. Currently, the ability to add multiple images is available on Android devices. Youtube plans to expand this feature to iOS and desktop this year. 

Scheduling YouTube Posts in iOS

This update is for iOS users who want to schedule posts on YouTube. This feature already exists on Android and desktop, but it is now available for all users. The goal of being able to schedule a post is to save creators time and make posting, in general, more efficient. 

These new features give creators more freedom when it comes to posts. Omar explains that creators’ feedback on the new features will be much appreciated by the YouTube team.